Friday, March 03, 2006

Finding what she's good at

February 24, 2006

Tiffany - 37
Claremont, CA
2 children - girls (6) and (7)

I sit with great pride and satisfaction as I watch my youngest daughter flip and tumble and work on the beams and bars during her gymnastics class. Not because she is a natural and executes the movements with great ease, but, because of the very wide grin she has on her face as she does it. First Grade has not quite been the experience I would have hoped for. It is unfortunate because 1st grade is the turning point for all grades to come. Hopefully next year will be better. Hopefully she will get a better teacher who can motivate her. Hopefully she will enjoy it more and be more confident. Hopefully she will learn to think in terms of “I can" instead of "I can’t"

She is somewhat of a timid child with an endless amount of energy. Since she could walk we have watched her flip off the couch, off the bed, or anything else that she thinks is the proper height. She has no fear when it comes to leaps and bounds and flips, but, lots of fears when it comes to lots of other things.

This is the first class she has taken solo. Usually we sign both girls up for the same things; ballet, cheerleading, hip hop, girl scouts… etc. It was not until this year that we decided it was time for them to be separated. We needed to find something in which Ayanna could be successful, something to boost her confidence. Something she would love doing and do so with great pride. Something she could do on her own, without her big sister. Something she is good at.

I think we found it.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some things I never thought I'd do

February 9, 2006

Deidre – 22
Los Angeles, CA
1 daughter (3 mo)

I am having so much fun being a mother. Leah is a wonderful baby. It’s everything outside of my relationship with her that frustrates me.

I always knew I would have children and a family but I never pictured myself as a single mom -maybe a divorce down the line (although hopefully not) but never starting out by myself.

Now here I am with my little angel wondering why her father, who was so excited about her coming into this world, is too busy to see her.

I know there are a lot of single mothers and I know I can take care of Leah by myself, but no matter how strong I may seem, I am so hurt inside.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

a serene life

October, 2005

Ekere - 32
New York
1 Daughter - (6 mo)

Serene is a beautiful girl. She is much like I expected based on her behavior in the womb: feisty, hungry, responsive and then suddenly, unpredictably still. She makes me laugh sometimes and want to cry others. What does she need? Why she crying? Why won't she's sleep? Is her diaper wet? Why not? Where did she get that strong set of lungs from?

When she is calm and comfortable, I feel peace beyond peace. When she cries - and she does cry - it stirs something in me that I have never felt.

When I look in her face I know there's nothing I wouldn't do for her.

*Ekere writes about motherhood at

Monday, February 27, 2006

Who knew?!

A girlfriend who loves BMD was incredulous when I asked her how come she didn't leave comments for all of the journal entries that she enjoys so much. She furrowed her brow and squeaked, "Who knew you could comment?!"

Cleary there has been some faulty assumptions made on our part.

If you scroll down to the end of each entry and look to the right, you will see the word "comments" with a number just to the left of it. If you click the word "comment" you will see/read all of the things other mothers have had to say about that particular entry.

This is where you come in: to the right of those comments there is an empty box [big, empty box] It is there so that you can talk back to the mothers, co-sign, give an "Amen!" or whatever floats your boat. In any event, there is a place for you to have your say - everytime a new post goes up.

After you type in your comment you need to look just beneath the comment box where you will be asked to choose an identity (don't get nervous) most of you will fall under the catagory of "other" If you want to make an "anonymous" comment, that option exists as well.

After you check "other" a new set of boxes will pop up and ask for your name. You can use your real name, an online alias or the name you always wished your mama had given you - clearly this is your choice.

And when all of that is done press "publish", or if you're really anal like me, press "preview" to check you work (it's an old college habit)

Okay ladies (and gentlemen) if we are all clear now.....let's comment.

Go. now. Scat!

Being Mama Daily


February 23, 2006

Kelly - 28
Columbus, OH
3 children - boys (10), (5) and (4)

Beep ) )
Beep ) ) ) )
Beeeep ) ) ) ) ) )

The alarm clock.

In response I turn over to quickly silence the sound.

Here we go again.

I once read in a magazine devoted to mothers that in order to conserve on time it is better to get fully dressed before you wake up your children. Obviously they didn’t have three cranky boys to get up for school. The complaining begins immediately, as I instruct each child to head toward the bathroom for their morning rituals.

“Mommy I’m cold,” says the bossy five year old which is immediately followed up with, “I don’t want to go to school today.”

Ha! like he has a choice in the matter. Not even diverted from my mission I continue to iron out clothes and gently prod them toward the bathroom. “Michael, get up!” I yell, with jus
t a hinge of intimidation in my voice as my ten year old continues to hide under the covers to avoid the glaring lights. I have to let him know I mean business, or he’ll go right back to sleep. Then there’s my four year old baby, who still tries to use his “naiveness” to fool me into thinking that he can’t do anything for himself. It varies from not being able to find his shoes to not being able to zip up his coat. Everyone at some point has had to assist Kolman in getting ready for school.

In the end we tend
to make it; usually on time. With a peck on the lips and a quick “have nice day”, “be good”, or “listen and follow directions”, they’re off to walk the hallways of school without me. And just like that, I can’t wait to see them again.