Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Little Match Girl

Anonymous - 32
Los Angeles, CA
3 children - 2 boys (10) (11 mo), 1 girl(6)

I am a woman, wife and mother, in awe of a man’s mind. A tangible man, an easily accessible man.

A man who is not my husband.

This poses some true challenges. How to excavate a beautiful and promising intellectual companionship when the only tools you have at your immediate disposal are ones that you know will surely and permanently destroy everything?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why I love my daughter: Reason # 98,454,753,356

February 08, 2006

Kenya - 28
Newark, NJ
1 daughter (15 mo)

Because I get to experience everything - EVERYTHING - a second time. Life, through new eyes. I get to see what is joyous about a rolling ball. I get to clap at the discovery of bending over and peering at the world, through your legs, from an up-side-down vantage. I get to make razzberries and giggle my head off. I get to feel the thrill of a first plane ride. I get to taste pure honey. I get to stand in awe at the epcot ball.

I find simple delights in everything now. I get to do the first day of school, the first school play, the first recital. The first really cool big girl bed. The first... oh, so many
firsts, all over again...
looking at life from both sides; my daughters gift to me. And I thank every god there is that I finally have this opportunity. I will never take my fortune for granted.

I look at her and literally cry from happiness, as she stretches her arms to the pillow and tells it about her day. I secretly delight in her frustrations over not being able to figure something out, because that means that I get to watch the eventual "lightbulb moment." (I also like to poke her till she swats at my hand and says "mmmBAkup!" guess I didnt get enough of doing that to my little brother when I was young! ha!)

I love her. I know that that goes without saying, but ohhhhhh, she is the most beautiful thing and I love her so much I want to go shout it to the world!

But instead, I think we will just sit here and cuddle.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Glad to share in his world

January 13, 2006

Pat - 36
San Mateo, CA
3 children - boy (8), twin girls (3)

Buster wanted to know if (insert celebrity name here) was a lesbian.

Buster is eight.

My husband - after I replied that I thought she was, as I had read so in a magazine – asked me where he would get such terminology. I eyed him suspiciously to see if he was kidding. Not long ago it had been legal in San Francisco for gays and lesbians to marry (that’s one place) and The “L” Word is a very popular show on Showtime about Lesbians (that another place). And although we don’t have Showtime, The “L” Word has commercials on E! This is where he would hear the word lesbian.

But the fact that he would come and ask me such a question without a moments hesitation makes me proud, makes me feel like I am giving him the tools he needs to feel confident and trust that I can be trusted with his thoughts; his curious nature.

Meet Mr. Wiggles

March 1, 2006

britni - 25
Los Angeles, CA
1 son (4 mo)

Little O cracks me up. I love to watch him wiggle. He does that a lot now. I put him on his tummy so he can learn to crawl, but he flips over and ends up wiggling around like a little beetle stuck on his back. Cute. Even when I’m tired and hungry and not in the mood to laugh, he can make me smile like I just had some kool-aid.

Right now I am at work (um, not working), missing my son’s gummy little smile. Wishing I could tickle his tiny toes and hear the beginnings of his laugh.

He is so beautiful.

And I don’t just say that because he is mine. There is a light in his eyes that I wish had never dimmed from mine; so innocent, pure and playful.

I will try to protect him.

I will try to preserve his giggles for as long as I can.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Too Two

February 28, 2006

Kellie - 30ish
Cleveland, OH
1 daughter (2)

I never thought I would liken mommydom to my favorite pair of jeans. It feels as though I’ve lost ten pounds and I’m back in, only it’s Prophet, my daughter, I’m back into after a rocky introduction to the truly Terrible Twos.

I lost my swagger when they hit. A swagger, let me tell you, I was wearing like those shoes you insist on buying although they’re a half size too small. Becoming mommy felt fantastic, confusing, and sometimes cumbersome. But finally, motherhood is starting to fit again.

The first year and half was everything they say, watery eyes with each milestone, lots of phone calls declaring these milestones, and wondering how something so beautiful managed to use me as a portal.

Then there was a birthday. Two has brought some anxiety otherwise known as reality, into this wonderful life. A very independent, mini- fashionista, who already has a favorite color
and shoe, has emerged. Which pajamas she will wear to bed is even a struggle! But these battles have taught me what is important, or more appropriately, what is not; so what they’re not P.J.s – sweatpants? – close enough. As I learn to let go of the specifics, I’m finding that year two is also everything they claim. As my greatest teacher steps into the classroom, let the learning begin.