Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BMD Examines: And When He is older He Shall Not Depart?

Maybe as a result of it being the holiday season and as such, a time when people more openly share their particular spiritual beliefs and practices, discussions abound in which it seems a significant shift is taking place in the belief systems and resulting practices of this generation of parents versus past generations.

Perhaps you are a Buddhist with Baptist parents or make Wud'u where you used to offer Penance.

BMD wants to know whether you are you raising your children in the same religious or spiritual tradition in which your parents raised you? And if not, how does the practice of a different religion or spiritual metaphor affect the relationship between your immediate and extended family?

Is there room enough for close family ties that include a variety of spiritual/religious belief systems and practices? Or has it proven too far a curve ball to fetch?

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