Sunday, January 06, 2008

BMD Examines: The Natural Order of Things

In most any discussion related to the conception, bearing and raising of children, there lies unspoken, the very present and pressing issue of preventing pregnancy. The 1960’s presented women with “the pill” as a safe and effective way to own our reproductive health and liberate us from the worry of bearing children outside of intention.

Today pharmaceutical companies, pill in hand, are pushing past god to offer us another more sinister, illusive kind of liberation; from the very cycle of life.

Dr. Susan Rako has this to say about the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts to “fix” the natural order of things:

"Tampering with the hormonal climate of healthy menstruating women, including teenage girls whose lives stretch ahead for decades, for the purpose of doing away with their periods is, in a word, reckless. Manipulating women’s hormonal chemistry for the purpose of menstrual suppression threatens to be the largest uncontrolled experiment in the history of medical science. Hands down.

What the media has not conveyed, what the public has not heard, what too few health professionals know, and what every woman and her doctor must know about the hazards of menstrual suppression deserves a voice. I am determined that it will have one."

Observing the radical shift in the medical community toward menstrual suppression as a viable option in women’s health, Dr. Rako sees not only a vast information gap for women, but a serious health crisis on the horizon. Drug companies and many health professionals are promoting the idea that it is okay, even preferable, for women to forgo their periods if they are not trying to get pregnant, and many women, when faced with the choice, are seriously considering that option. But what isn’t being discussed enough are the hazards of such suppression, risks that include osteoporosis, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

In her book “No More Periods?” Dr. Rako delves into the whys, hows, and musts of women’s gynecological health and takes a reasoned stand for believing that nature and our bodies have an intelligence about this critical issue.

The economics of our community coupled with a lack of adequate healthcare and a concerted move to call quackery our own intuitive knowing, has left too many black mothers undereducated and as a result, at the mercy of medical researchers who are more than willing to offer us a new, improved but untested way to do a dangerous thing.

Conscious conception is a critical issue and one that we must take seriously if we are to raise our children in settings unhampered by poverty and unpreparedness. But the idea that we would do something as counter-intuitive as shutting down completely, a physiological system put in place at our own inception, begs questioning and examination that is not likely to take place in a doctors office.

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Anonymous Kelli said...

Since the birth of my last baby, I have struggled with the issue of birth control and what to use. Call me hippie or granola but I was never very interested in an IUD (that stays in your body for 10 years!!!!) or a patch or a pill with harmful side effects. And quite honestly, I don't find the over the counter gels, creams and foams to be a much healthier alternative.

Until now, I NEVER knew that there was a completely safe option that eliminates that little bit of riskiness involved in the rhythm method.
It's called Ovu Tech.

It is scientifically established that hormones filter into saliva and that during fertility a ferning pattern can be seen in saliva under a high powered magnification lens. Just prior to or during fertile days the sample will typically resemble "ferns," while during non-fertile days, only random and shapeless dots will be visible.

Ovu-Tech is a hand-held mini-magnification lens about the size and shape of a lipstick holder. If you want to check whether you may be fertile,
you simply:

1. Make sure you haven't had anything to eat or drink for 2 hours.
2. Put a small amount of saliva on the lens and allow it to dry.
3. Insert the lens into the magnification lens and push a little button to illuminate the lens.

If you are just about to become fertile or if you are fertile, you will easily see a beautiful crystalline ferning pattern under the magnification lens. This is an easy and convenient way for women to
monitor hormonal changes and enhance awareness of their menstrual cycle.

If you track your cycles and fertility on a calendar, soon you will have a keen awareness of where you are in your monthly cycle, and what is happening hormonally in your body.

Ovu-Tech can be used over and over, and has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
Magnification lenses for only $29.99 each (plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling). 1-800-528-0559.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Jasai said...

My exeriences with BC have not been positive. Even when I was a decidedly less-than-careful 16 year old, I had a kind of intuitive knowing that the pill - or any other synthetic BC - was not something I should put into my body.

That feeling was confrimed when I finally relented at age twenty-six and took "the shot." less than no information was given to me about the side effects and a negligible "Your period may slow or stop, but don't worry," was handed to me with my "Facts about Depo" one-sheet.

I nearly lost my mind. About three months in, my period stopped and along with it, it seemed to halt every other function and feeling that made me a healthy, vibrant young woman.

My skin was dull. My sex drive was ancient history. My attitude was bold and I lived with a constant and nagging fear that "something inside me was completely destroyed."

When I told my mother that I had not had a period in nine months, she hit the roof. She told me to get off of the shot yesterday and never do or take anything that will cause my period to cease outside of carrying a baby.

I don't know everything about the delicate balance of women's hormonal systems but I know that stemming the flow of ones period will do way more harm than what could at best, be considered a fractional good.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

I'm so glad you posted about this. I really believe what a woman decides to do for birth control is between her and her doctor, but the choices given to women are surely harmful to our health. I have never quite understood who would believe that shutting down a normal bodily process for months on end could possibly be a good thing, but we are really sold a bill of goods that having a period is so super inconvenient. Gosh, having as-yet-unknown side effects could be even more "inconvenient" in the future.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Kellie said...

My mother had a friend when I was growing up in the 70's who used to take something to stop her period because it was messy. God only knows what she was taking in 1970 but...for the last 15 years, maybe 20, she has been suffering from some undiagnosable neuro-muscular disorder.

Women menstruate for a reason. It's really no different from any of the other natural functions of our body – breasts produce milk for a reason. Imagine taking a pill to stop milk production, or not nursing, after you deliver.

We are definitely playing God (and not doing a good job of it) when we start tampering in any way with an already perfect system.

10:02 PM  
Blogger jillybean said...

It's good to see you posting again. I enjoy your thoughts. I was hooked after the posting about your son and his friend who used the N-word freely.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Being Mama Daily said...

Welcome Jillybean,

Glad to be back, thank you.

We will be posting weekly so stop by and visit often.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

nice blog hon, im pop daily, do chk me out sometimes and i will be bck

8:42 PM  
Blogger ebony said...

Nice to see yo back. I've kept you on my blogroll, mentally pleading with you to return.

I guess I would be the "anti-granola" hippy. I understand the naturalness of our menstral cycles, but I do hate to deal with it. I've never stopped my period, but I read an article years ago where they talked about the pros and cons and basically the article said the doctor's still out on this one. The cons are obvious and a couple are mentioned here, but the flip side is, prior to the use of birth control as we know it, women were having more babies and a lot earlier, thus weren't having as many periods as women do now. The increase in periods we're having today may be contributing to the increase in certain diseases that are affected by our hormones. The one thing that was clear was stopping your period should only be done under the close guidance of a doctor.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a woman who has struggled with excessively painful periods since she was 7 (yes, 7!), I can say that menstruation suppression has been a Godsend.

My periods were so painful that I would be ill for close to a week every month. I also had migraines, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and horrific mood swings. For years I went to doctor after doctor for help and tried everything from natural remedies to diet & exercise to birth control pills to surgery for endometriosis and trying to deal with repeated ovarian cysts that would burst throughout the month and cause such severe pain I felt as if someone was stabbing me in the abdomen.

I likely did not have the worst periods in the history of the world, but I did have the worst periods of anyone that I (or my doctors) knew.

In my late 20's I found myself in an office begging a doctor to give me a hysterectomy. Just to end the endless cycle of pain. She suggested we try continuous birth control to suppress my periods before considering such a drastic measure.

With the periods suppressed I finally feel as if I can lead a normal life without the fear of torture. For me, it is worth the risks.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Trula said...

Hi! I love this post, as you may remember I am a very 'hippie' granola, natural mama :). I have not used any hormonal birth control in 10 years. I definitely reccomend to any woman to look into Natural Family Planning.

1:47 PM  
Blogger polky2 said...

Hello to all!

This is a great blog:)

I am a mom to 2 little guys, and I found out very unexpectedly that we are having a third in March. I was using a natural form of birth control a mucous only method of observation, and I was breastfeeding when I got pregnant at 8 months post-partum. I was shocked, and I am not really worried about avoiding another unplanned pregnancy.

Anyone have advice for avoiding pregnancy while breastfeeding? I am not comfortable with hormonal methods, and condoms are so unreliable...

1:26 PM  
Blogger FatGirlTrim said...

Hi there, what a great post.

Thanks for sharing. And Kelli, thanks for your post too.

It's kinda obvious when we stop and think about it, ANYTHING that interfers with nature is going to cause us problems down the track. Polky2 check out Kelli's post - maybe this could be a solution for you?

From my own story of remarkable transformation from sickness/overweight and unhealthy to vibrant health and happiness, I know that anyone can heal their bodies and lives naturally without drugs, surgery or medication. What I have discovered is that the best healing is free - self love, self worth, appreciation, gratitude, natural whole foods, sleep, water, breathing, walking and yoga.

Once again thanks for sharing!!!

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:04 PM  
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