Monday, January 22, 2007

The View From Here: On Raising Black Boys

Name: Amanda - 30
Seattle, WA
Children: two sons (3), (2)

A while ago, I wrote out some of my thoughts about the job of raising boys, and Black boys in particular. Another mother commented about fearing for the safety of her (potential, likely Black) son. I wanted to expand on her point a little more, because it's something we've thought about as well.

Right now, my kids are "cute little Black babies." Among white people they are sometimes seen as a novelty. I have heard, "Oh, Black babies/kids are so CUTE!" way too many times. I'm hearing that less now, and I'm sure that particular comment will taper off completely by th
e time the boys are preteens. Black babies may be cute, but Black teenage boys are thuggish, threatening, potentially violent gang members.

Possibly, when they are with us (their white parents), they may get a "pass." They could be granted honorary whiteness because they belong with us, despite their Blackness. When they are on their own, or with other Black boys... All bets are off.

I don't think I'm being overly dramatic about this. Have you heard what happens to Black men who cross the paths of arrogant white men with power? When Sparkle gets his drivers license, should I tell him that he's not allowed to drive alone? If he speeds and gets pulled over, and he's on his own, he could be in trouble. As Black boys/men, they will have to be extra sensitive to the perceptions of other people around them. Even if it feels artificial to them, they will have to work on projecting an
image of confidence, compentance, and cheerfulness. If they don't, they are more likely to be seen as surly, disrespectful, or dangerous.

I'm not sure how we'll handle things as they get older, but we are already working on some of this. When guests come to our house, we encourage Sparkle to "be the welcomer." Before they arrive, we practice opening the door and saying, "Welcome! Come on in, we're glad
you're here!" Sometimes Sparkle loves this job, and sometimes not. Last week he told me, "I'm feeling shy today, Mom. I don't want to be the welcomer. You come with me." And that's totally fine.
When we go to church, I hold Sparkle's left hand as we go through the door. His right hand is free, and he holds it out to the church greeter, shakes hands, and says, "Good morning!" He also knows how to shake hands while looking the other person in the face and saying, "Hello, it's nice to meet you!" We literally practice casual small talk type stuff, and reciprocal comments that help make the other person feel comfortable. For example, instead of replying with "I'm fine," he can say, "I'm doing well. And how are you?"

Part of this is just that I want the boys to have good manners. But also, I hope that their composure and charisma will help keep them safe. When Pumpkin picks up his date for a high school dance, he may need to charm the socks off her parents before she gets in his car to leave with him. If he dates a white girl, I hope he'll be the type of person that the white boys will respect enough to leave him alone. When Sparkle gets a job, he'll have to prove the stereotypes about Black workers wrong to get a promotion. It's not fair.

Of course it's not fair.

I hope that we won't be overly paranoid about their safety. And I don't want to teach my kids that the world is dangerous, or that someone is out to get them around every corner. But I want them to be prepared and cautious. And part of being prepared is knowing how to make a good first impression, how to manage your image, and how to make other people comfortable.

I'm not sure how to end this post. Maybe I'll just ask you all, what do you think? What have you observed? Are you thinking about these things with your kids (girls or boys, Black or white or other)? I'm not crazy, am I?


Blogger Trula said...

I have 2 sons ages 12 and 9 so this if something I am thinking about. Particularly with my older son, at 12 he is right on the threshold for being seen as a threat. This is a great topic! I will be back to discuss more.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I am absolutely thinking about these things with my two sons. I think about how folks say they are so cute now but in 8 or 9 years, they're going to be scared of them. I especially think about it because I live in LA and I have to worry about my boys being the target of what city officials are calling "ethnic cleansing" on the part of Latino gangs, specifically the Mexican Mafia. I worry so much about all of this and it breaks my heart because I don't know of any place I could possibly live in the USA where my sons wouldn't have this experience. I also worry that I'm projecting past experiences of my husband and all the black men I've known onto my kids. But, they have to be prepared. You are right, it's not fair, but it is the reality.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Mrs. J said...

I grew up in a predominantly white, suburban neighborhood. When my brother was sixteen, my parents bought him a car (so unfair, they didn't do that for me, but that's another post...). One day he was driving with his friends and the local police pulled him over, made him get out of his car and asked him, "Aren't you a little far from home?" They were a block away from our house.

Those cops might as well have tacked the word "boy" to the end of that question. They actually might have. I'll have to ask him, it's been a while.

Anyway, I say this to agree with you that you are right in being concerned. Thanks for not taking the "colorblind approach" to parenting. Even parents of color, like myself, can't afford to do this with our sons. They have to know the "code" of the streets, whether they're from there or not. They have to know how they're perceived by white men without feeling the need to cowtow and make excuses for their race. They have to know this and be this way without "apologizing" for who they are. It's going to be tricky.

Either way, it's great to raise kids to be polite – regardless of race – this world needs kinder, more considerate people in general. :)

5:52 AM  
Blogger nikki woods said...

This is a great post! I too have two boys ... 5 and 3 and I wonder what the world is going to be like when they reach highschool. I don't fear for their safety because I cover them each morning but I wonder what their experience is going to be like.

This is my first visit here. I'm glad I found this blog.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Keith said...

Wow! What an unexpected read. I fret about the same issues every single day and my son is only 3. I must agree with Mrs. J and say that I am glad that you fully understand that raising black boys is a very complex undertaking and being colorblind is not the solution. I'm glad that you are taking it as seriously as it must be taken.

Also, and please don't take this the wrong way. In an effort to develop your son's social skills you seem to occasionally have him playing something of a doorman role at home. No, it would not be an issue in my house or neighborhood if I had my son do the same thing. But if you are to manage perceptions, which is what you seem to be doing with some success, you may want to consider other angles.

I have lived in Key West Florida, Homestead Florida, Bed-Stuy Brooklyn and South Jamaica Queens. I have experienced racism in all four places in varying degrees of severity. I have worked in corporate America and non-profit. I've seen many sides of many people and it's one thing to manage perceptions and another thing entirely to attempt to change them.

Thank you for such a thought provoking and honest post!

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a lurker, but feel strongly about this too. I live in Europe and this is something constantly on my mind about black men/boys in the USA. Uncle Sam is just waiting to throw them in jail at the drop of a hat!!
I am completely convinced that it is a form of men in prison cannot reproduce!!?!!

I see where young migrants here in Europe are 'ignored' in school with a lot of latent aggression from their communities. These kids respond with aggression naturally, then they react and get into 'trouble'. I sometimes ask myself if this is the process 'official' or unofficial by which they are excluded from mainstream European society. See what happened in France?

Young black men have either to be dancing, singing or being comedians...and the moment they stop doing any of those, it is one foot out of jail's door.

I apologize for 'ranting' but I wonder whether Black America sees this, and what are they doing about it?
A young black man has just been sentenced to 10yrs in prison...his life is over....for having oral sex with a minor...
A white teacher, in the same court-house was sentenced to 90days for having sex with a minor, a student.
Sometimes I think the only solution for the survival of the black man is to leave the USA. I'd never encourage my sons to go to America. Europe is racist and not getting any better but no where near the USA.
Sorry again if I ranted out of I'll step down off my box.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Nerd Girl said...

You're not at all crazy for thinking about this. I applaud your being cognizant of the issue.

Of course it is important that you raise your sons to be courteous, polite, well mannered, etc. But the word prejudiced means pre-judging. There are people out there who will not even bother to get physically close enough to those children to realize they make eye contact and speak properly, etc. etc. I guess the one line that bothers me is "how to make other people comfortable." The truth of the matter is that no matter how courteous and well mannered they are, they are black boys and will be black men. There are people who will never be comfortable with them. Period. And it is too much for them - for anyone - to be made a "race ambassador."

I grew up in the 'burbs with two college educated parents and now all of us hold at least a bachelor's degree, and we're all well versed in social graces, but believe me, no one has ever asked to see our "credentials" or analyze our social skills before they cross the street when they see us coming/clutch their handbags/avoid eye contact/assume we are the hired help . . . .

So, please continue to raise your sons aware - thye'll definitely need that as they traverse through this life. But to suggest to them that they have to seem confident, compentent, and cheerful all the time seems a bit much to me.

Best wishes!

12:39 PM  
Blogger l_shanda said...

As others have stated before me I think this is a great post and appreciate your honesty. But I have somehing to say about one of your thoughts:

'...he [your son] may need to charm the socks off her parents before she gets in his car to leave with him. If he dates a white girl, I hope he'll be the type of person that the white boys will respect enough to leave him alone...'

As important as it is for us - the mothers of Black boys - to make our sons aware of the injustices of this world - it is equally important not to have our fears create in them 'a need to feel like second class citizens.' If his future girlfriend's parents or the white boys around the way don't see past his color, don't get him into the mindset that he has to 'charm them' to fit in. All he has to do is be a good person, and if that is not enough for them they don't DESERVE to be around him. There are so many aspects of America designed to emasculate Black Men, we in essence could unknowlingly emasculate them further by insisting they make an extra effort to fit in. The people who inspire me most are those who use strength and positivity to stand out. Make him polite AND make him his own person so that they will want to charm the socks off him ;)


1:29 PM  
Anonymous mahogany said...

my sentiments EXACTLY, I_shanda.
and this is a great post.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

I don't know...maybe I do think you're a bit crazy, a bit over reaching.

I like Keith's summation best, so I'll absolutely second it...especially the doorman role part.

Cognizance and etiquette, awareness and astuteness can never really lead your children too far off course, and I'm sure with a mother in full possession of same, they'll be in safe waters anyway.

By the way, I'd like to recommend a book to you, Jane Lazarr's "Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness". Excellent book, and she explores the same themes you speak of here.

7:11 PM  
Blogger soledadsista3 said...

this has crossed my mind several times since my 3 yr old son was born. At the same time, its not made from fear. I don't fear he will be unable to protect himself with the tools we will and have been giving him. We have surrounded him with what we feel are positive and who's love is much like that of our own. We both went to a predominantly white university and we both worked there for so long. I feel this is also a part of his socialization. To see and understand that not only is he a second class citizen, but that his parents and their peers are deserving of respect from any part of society. I am worried right at this moment because he has started to feel that police ONLY shoot people, everyone...And even though I want him to trust police now, at three, I don't want that to be his last lesson. I don't think the complexities of American society are simple enough for him to even care about. to answer the sista from Europe, I feel that part of Black America's problem in raising Black boys is that there isn't a conscience effort to support, protect, and educate our boys. They're often thrown in the fire and not protected enough, and so many things happen after that.
Thanks for the continued posts~

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hi, I am a lurker, but feel strongly about this too. I live in Europe and this is something constantly on my mind about black men/boys in the USA. Uncle Sam is just waiting to throw them in jail at the drop of a hat!! "

What a load of rubbish. Black men commit 12 times the crime rates as whites. In europe or any place where blacks are present, they too commit far more crimes in proportion to their population. However, most of europe has few blacks so thus no understaning. Let's face it, the USA has bent over backwards for blacks trying to help and please them and has spent trillions on them. Blacks have no one to blame but themselves.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Gillian said...

How strange. Only recently was I trying to analyze why being respectful is such an important value to me, and why I feel it is essential that my daughter learn to respect others and herself. I came to the conslusion that respectfulness (without fawning) keeps you safe.

It shocked me to realize that I felt that way. I am not a black man but an asian woman, but apparently, even though the risks are lesser, this is also part of my reality.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to move to Canada where the black/white stuff does not exist.

Perhaps as we do not have the history American's have? I don't know.

Just know that we are are a nation of many origins and discrimination very much frowned upon.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You need to move to Canada where the black/white stuff does not exist. "

That's because there are very few blacks in canada and in most places none so canadians so canadians have no understanding and have no business lecturing the USA about blacks since they don't understand. Of course in toronto where there are blacks, they commit crimes at much higher rates, are jailed as 5 times the rates as whites and have a much higher welfare rate due to their lifestyle, you know 6 out-of-wedlock kids that "baby-daddies" don't support lol.

"Perhaps as we do not have the history American's have? I don't know."

Again, canada had no blacks in past history but canadians in past history severely discriminated against the chinese and native americans. Even though they had blacks in past history, slavery and segregation was legal in the past there.

"Just know that we are are a nation of many origins and discrimination very much frowned upon."

It is in the USA too unless you're white. It's ok to discriminate against whites.

3:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can tell you what parents of blacks need to do. They need to stop raising their kids with the "victim mentality" all too typical of blacks in the US. Most blacks today, aided by black leaders and white leftists are constantly telling blacks FALSELY, that whites are the cause of their problems and failures when the truth is blacks are the only cause of their problems and failures. This has created in blacks a sense of entitlement and has made blacks quite spoiled. Too many blacks today feel they are not responsible for their own actions--(go out and commit robbery and end up in jail, it's the fault of white racism). They use a guilt trip on whites to manipulate them with phoney cries of racism to get their way.
Blacks can complain all they want but they have far more opportunities and fairer treatment in the USA then they do anywhere else. Just you look at the anti-discrimination laws, hate crime laws(which only apply to minority victims) affirmative action, government aid for college, billions spent by white taxpayers on black dysfunction not to mention whites walking on eggshells trying not to offend blacks. African-americans have more spending power and a higher average annual income then blacks anywhere in the world, yet still they complain. White americans are the best thing that ever happened to black americans for without them, blacks would be much worse off.
Black problems are due to the fact that blacks have higher rates of having multiple out-of-wedlock kids they can't afford, black fathers are much less likely to raise or support their kids, blacks are more likely to drop out of school, join gangs, commit crimes, smoke crack and such. it is such common black behavior that causes lower incomes, more blacks in jail, more crime and dysfunction.
It's time blacks are told that they and they alone are responsible for their lives and actions and it's time for white people, who today have nothing to feel guilty about, to stop enabling blacks by allowing them to get away with fake cries of racism and hold them just as accountable at they do their fellow whites.
If you give a child everything he wants and excuses everything he does, he/she becomes a spoiled brat. Blacks have been excuse up and are now spoiled brats with bad behavior and this needs to stop.

5:51 AM  
Blogger momseekingpeace said...

I havent visted here before, came by way of links.
I want to respond to two things about your post. First I think grooming a child to make other people react well, will make it so that they spend their whole life trying to make a good impression and please people and lose themselves in the process. If you want to show them how to be and act, then let it happen naturally through watching you, in the way you treat them and other people. That way it comes from inside not from what was put on them from the outside.
I belive that people can be color blind so I do think its an important thing to think about but.... I also cringe when I read what you write because it sounds as though you have some very strong beliefs about the second class citizen part and I think that you will convey that to them through your conversations and actions,It feels like you are feeding into the stereo type in a big way.

What we believe creates more of our reality than anything else and if they are told that they need to be nice so white people will treat them right, well that is what they will believe. If you teach them self respect and that it's the most important thing they can have, they will go far. Its hard to not respect someone when they respect themselves and if they know it inside they wont need it from others.

This statement couldnt be more true.
"AND make him his own person so that they will want to charm the socks off him ;)"

10:57 PM  
Blogger JerseyTjej said...

Amen, MomSeekingPeace!

5:20 AM  
Blogger bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

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5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:37 PM  
Anonymous Tiffany said...

Although this is a sad commentary of is so true. I have 3 sons (ages 16, 14 and 10) and I worry constantly about these very issues. I've worked with my sons their whole life about presenting themselves, about safety, about projecting a health image, about dialect, about interviewing techniques and filling out applications. I've talked with them about being better than the next man, striving for more, to see beyond the situation (and practice effective critical thinking decisions), and the list goes on. But I always fear that it won't be enough. If one of them are pulled over or drive through the wrong town at the wrong time of day, or if they enter the wrong store..that something bad (or tragic) will happen. The only hope I hold is in God. I give them to God and trust Him to take care of them. All of my good intentions and all of my lessons don't mean a thing if God doesn't make the difference. I cannot fail to mention that the only images "society" provides to young Black men are extremely negative. These images do no promote striving for execellence or having dreams (and going after them). It's hard to influence a child to do good and be better when everything around them promotes negativity. Black people are proud people who aren't afraid of work...just cheated out of getting a good job (not always but more than enough). There's nothing else we can do except believe that what we've already done is gonna be enough and that what God does makes the difference. That we as parents don't give up on our children (like society and America has done) and that we continue to fight for them, never stop loving them, never stop guiding them, never stop praying for them...God hasn't given up on us...and we should never give up on them..because God NEVER will. Be strong and be wise and provide hope...that's our legacy.


10:23 AM  
Anonymous momof4sons said...

I think this thread is so important. I have two bi-racial sons. Their father is Haitian and I white. One looks Mexican, the other red headed with tight curls... folks know he is half black. Our oldest son is 18. We have spent years working with him on the importance of being a good citizen. I never even thought of it as a good black citizen or good white citizen. Maybe because he doesn't fit as easily into either mold. He has strived to do his best, be humane, be socially conscious,caring and kind. He lives in a predominately white and asian neighborhood and is saddened by his friends of color who only sit with each other at lunch and in school functions. He is the student body president of his high school has worked hard to get all kids to relate more to each other.

Maybe being bi-racial has it's advantages. But he was always frustrated when he told kids he was black and they wouldn't believe him... so now he calls himself blwatin... black, white with a latin parenting influence. He says it is hard growing up bi-racial since he doesn't have a road map to find the way.

I have watched him struggle with issues of race all through high school. It wasn't issues of folks treating him badly but of folks not getting along and he doesn't understand. My husband and I have felt his pain when we went into all black churches and felt cold shoulders AND when we went into white churches and we both felt the same cold shoulders.

In spite of his adversity he has worked hard, done an excellent job in educating himself and will go to a prestigous college in the fall on a great scholarship. He has received awards this year from the NAACP and the city for his work establishing a business to help orphans by selling t-shirt and for his academic merit. He has done the work and folks have noticed.

I think teaching your child to be polite is one thing but teaching him to be a world citizen, caring and kind, to want to do well in this society even when things are hard is another. There is always someone more down trodden than you or your child. If not here, look overseas where children die every day from lack of food. I feel your original post feels shallow to me. There is so much more to raising children especially male children that just charming folks and teaching them to be their own man. My son is kind, caring, looks folks in the eye not because it is expected (though I remember telling him that when he was little) but becuase he wants to know the person on the other end of the hand and people feel his caring nature.

I say keep bringing up boys to believe in themselves, to know how special they are and that we are there for them no matter what the world sees. Try to protect them if you can and help them understand that as they climb the mountain to reach back and pull someone else along.

thanks for this blog it helps me put into perspective my views.


10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wrote that and I'm not uneducated or ignorant, I have a college degree. Nice try. I've been around plenty of blacks so I know and understand them very well. I get my views from personal experience. Blacks ARE the cause of their problems. Blacks cause their problems by having very high rates of muliple kids out of wedlock, dropping out of school, no fathers around, drug use and crime. Blacks in large numbers turn any school or neighborhood into a ghetto BY THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR, but NEVER take responsiblity for their actions. It's the truth and you know it.


You owe whites plenty. We've spent trillions on you and put up with all the crime and problems you've caused. You're welcome.


That's great. There are certainly many blacks who are decent and educated. All the educated blacks I know will NOT live anywhere near a black neighborhood. However, the problems of blacks in general are caused by blacks.


I'm afraid per capita blacks commit far more crimes, use drugs and commit rapes, then do whites. Yes, some whites do drugs, commit crimes such as rape and other things but blacks do them at 10-12 times the levels of whites. Would you rather your car break down in a white neighborhood after dark or a black one??? I rest my case.

I maintain that blacks are spoiled rotten. I've seen plenty of the obnoxious black attitude to last a lifetime. Sorry but you're at fault for your own problems and it's time whites grew a spine and stopped putting up with it.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous first-time-mom said...

Yes, raising a black son is frightening. My son watches barney and diego and listens to sesame street songs. However, today he told me that police kill black boys and put them in jail where they don't get to see their family. He is three years old, and I will find out who he is talking to at school or his father's house, but I am scared. Yes, God is the answer. Yes, they learn from example. Yes, I must step over my fear and do the job I was destined to do. I am sad for the black boys that don't have loving and caring parents if life is hard for the ones that do.

8:33 AM  
Blogger GailTravel said...

This blog is so painfully true. I remmber 5 years ago when my then 17 year old son was walking home from a Bible Study with a big bible in his hand and was chased down by cops, thrown to the ground handcuffed and had a gun to his head. Fortunately when they chased him he ran into a gas station convenience store that is often frequented by the church youth and where they knew him. Thankfully our pastor happened to be pulling into the gas station at the time and witnessed everything. he said that they went through his bible, his pockets everything. One cop told the other cop to keep looking because he "HAD to have something on him" The undercover cops refused to identify themslves, other than by saying NYPD (very common) and when pressed by my Pastor flashed their badges superfast so no one could get names. They let my son go but not without leaving a boot print in his back, and bruises on his wrists from the handcuffs. Unfortuntatley he had finals the next day and he failed most of them because he could not sleep that night. My Pastor said he is sure something would have been planted on him, had their not been witnesses.
We have to pray daily for our Black boys for protection from cops, the public as well as the negative elements of the street.

1:53 PM  
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